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TransUnion Identity Alerts Solutions

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TransUnion Identity Alerts Solutions

A common theme occurring in the news recently has been the issue of identity theft and fraud. Numerous retailers have experienced security breaches putting their customers identity and finances at risk. This has placed a heightened sense of awareness in the mind of the consumer in regards to protecting themselves and more importantly their assets. […]

Sarma Data Systems: An All-In-One Tool For Your Qualification Needs

There are a variety of products available for verification and qualification purposes. Pre-qualifying a loan customer, or verifying if an applicant is qualified for employment is an important step in the process. You need to ensure you utilize the right sources to find the information you are looking for.  Sarma Data Systems gives you all […]

Update Express Rescoring Tools

Applying for a mortgage loan is an arduous and sometimes time-consuming process. The timetable from start to finish can stretch out from weeks to sometimes months awaiting approval. That is, if everything from the paperwork to information on a borrower’s credit report is correct. If there are discrepancies on a credit report, for example, the […]

Welcome Aboard Joel Suurmeyer

 Sarma is pleased to welcome back Joel Suurmeyer. Joel graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sam Houston State University in 2004, with a BBA in Business Administration, and a minor in Finance. Joel has taken additional licensing and continuing education classes to stay current on the dynamic mortgage industry. Joel has been involved in different aspects of […]

Fending Off Terrible Tenants

Those of you who are investors or landlords—and those of you who advise those professions—have heard the horror stories. Yes, I am talking about those tenants who make your life miserable and can make your rental go from a money-maker to a money-loser. The real estate industry has named those perennial bad tenants as “professional […]

Sarma teams up with Security Service Federal Credit Union for a charitable cause.

SSFCU Charity 28th Annual Charity Golf Classic Sarma’s involvement in charity events is an endeavor that the company holds dear. Many of the events Sarma participates in have a direct tie to non-profit and charitable organizations. It is important for Sarma to involve itself with local organizations and give back to the community. This year, […]

FICO, what does it mean to me?

You may have heard that until recently your FICO score is now accessible to you, but what exactly does FICO mean? Furthermore, you are probably wondering, “How is my FICO score evaluated?” The acronym FICO is named for Fair, Isaac and Company. The scoring system was created as a means to determine your credit worthiness. […]

Credit Scoring-The Basics

When learning about your credit score, it is essentially a numbers game. Your credit score can determine whether or not you are eligible for something as simple as a department store credit card, qualification for a mortgage or a new car. The higher your score is, the less interest you will pay. If you have […]

Sarma Now Offering ScreenMeNow Tool for Background Screening

Background screening is becoming an essential process when qualifying potential employees or tenants. In the past, the screening process was a challenge for most companies and properties due to the amount of the time and money spent conducting background checks. When applicants do not pass a background check, the company requesting the information is left […]

Security Service Federal Credit Union 28th Annual Charity Golf Classic

The 28th Annual Charity Golf Classic for the SSFCU Charitable Foundation will be held on May 5, 2014 at Fair Oaks Ranch Golf & Country Club in San Antonio, Texas. Proceeds for the event will benefit the Security Service Charitable Foundation, a qualified 501 (c)3 organization. SSFCU takes a different approach to giving by targeting […]