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Tenant Screening

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[block id="878"]In a mobile society, a comprehensive evaluation of a potential tenant or condominium owner is a crucial step in protecting property, income, and current tenants. In addition, jurors are now holding the landlord accountable if a tenant harms or terrorizes a neighbor and has a history violent behavior. Screening a tenant before renting an apartment or house can improve your chances of finding someone who will take care of your property; pay rent on time and is free of a violent history. 

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From the initial contact to the last reference, you should always keep in mind that you want a qualified tenant and not just the first person who called to rent your property. Using our tenant screening services to get good renters saves more time and money than any other property management practice or landlord technique. If you get a bad tenant you will lose rent, raise your stress level, and lose money in the long run and if sued by an injured party it could cost you everything.

[box] Property Management System Integrations: AMSI, Vaultware, Quicklease Pro, Yardi, Investment Instruments, Rent-O-Meter[/box]

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Tenant screening could not be easier, Sarma offers a complete line of screening tools customized to the needs of our customers.

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