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5 and 10 Panel Urine Drug Test, What’s The Difference Between The Two?

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5 and 10 Panel Urine Drug Test, What’s The Difference Between The Two?

In a drug testing popularity contest, the winner would most likely be urine drug testing. By far, this method of testing is the go-to for pre-employment and post-employment, compared to the other various methods of testing. Pre-employment drug testing is commonly used to determine if a potential employee is eligible for employment. Reasons for post-employment […]

New Credit Score Addresses Medical Debt and Collection Agency Accounts

Business analytics and consumer credit score provider FICO announced Thursday that it has recalibrated its popular FICO Score formula to reflect a “more nuanced way to assess consumer collection information.” To do this, FICO said that the newest iteration of its scoring product, FICO Score 9, will offer a sophisticated treatment differentiating medical from non-medical […]

Sarma Working With Two Local Companies For Their New Headquarters

Sarma’s plan to move from their well-known mid town area of San Antonio has been a continuous endeavor throughout the year. The final stages of the move are quickly approaching and Sarma is delighted to collaborate with two local companies to assist in the process. RVK Architects, and CBI Group have been chosen to furnish […]

Secure Delivery of Appraisals to Borrowers through AppraisalComply

Secure Delivery of Appraisals to Borrowers with new compliance feature through AppraisalComply. Sarma’s AppraisalComply is designed for the objectives of HVCC compliance and allows companies to continue with their established appraiser relationships. AppraisalComply sends an email to the borrower’s email address. If the borrower can receive the appraisal electronically via PDF, they can type the […]

Why Choose Sarma Debt Collections?

  WHY CHOOSE SARMA? Sarma Debt Collections When you chose Sarma for your debt collection services, you are partnering with a company that provides outstanding customer service for your early out, and past due collection needs. Sarma utilizes state-of-the-art technology and analytical tools for maximum recovery. Sarma offers customized services to meet our client’s specific […]

Local Credit Repair Company Faced With Numerous Violations

The Federal Trade Commission recently found a Texas-based credit repair company in violation of The Credit Repair Organizations Act, which protects both individual consumers and the integrity of the credit reporting system. In a complaint filed on October 2011, the Federal Trade Commission found that the credit repair company known as RMCN, was charging customers […]

TransUnion Identity Alerts Solutions

A common theme occurring in the news recently has been the issue of identity theft and fraud. Numerous retailers have experienced security breaches putting their customers identity and finances at risk. This has placed a heightened sense of awareness in the mind of the consumer in regards to protecting themselves and more importantly their assets. […]

Sarma Data Systems: An All-In-One Tool For Your Qualification Needs

There are a variety of products available for verification and qualification purposes. Pre-qualifying a loan customer, or verifying if an applicant is qualified for employment is an important step in the process. You need to ensure you utilize the right sources to find the information you are looking for.  Sarma Data Systems gives you all […]

Update Express Rescoring Tools

Applying for a mortgage loan is an arduous and sometimes time-consuming process. The timetable from start to finish can stretch out from weeks to sometimes months awaiting approval. That is, if everything from the paperwork to information on a borrower’s credit report is correct. If there are discrepancies on a credit report, for example, the […]

Welcome Aboard Joel Suurmeyer

 Sarma is pleased to welcome back Joel Suurmeyer. Joel graduated Summa Cum Laude from Sam Houston State University in 2004, with a BBA in Business Administration, and a minor in Finance. Joel has taken additional licensing and continuing education classes to stay current on the dynamic mortgage industry. Joel has been involved in different aspects of […]