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Mortgage Credit Services


Trended credit data is a 24-month comprehensive view of borrowers’ historical credit performance to be utilized in consumer credit assessments for mortgage applicants. This data can benefit mortgage lenders by providing more information used for evaluating a home loan applicant, supplementing the traditional moment-in-time snapshot of an applicant’s credit balances with a more dynamic two-year picture of the applicant’s history managing revolving accounts. For more information and access to the recorded webinar follow the link: Trended Data Info.

If you have been converted to our new mortgage services platform, be on the look out for two invoices the first month with one statement.

Did you know… On our new platform, ALL supplements and ancillary products are requested right in the system. No more faxing requests!

Even though we service some of the largest financial institutions in Texas, we provide the same high level of expertise and quality service no matter what size lender you are. All Sarma clients have access to our extensive, ever-expanding portfolio of resources including: merged reports from the 3 top credit bureaus, CreditXpert, AVM Reports, SocialValidate, Essentials, What if Simulator,

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Credit Detective, Credit Radar, Mortgage Fraud Report and more customized and designed to interface with most loan origination packages. Get the personal interest you deserve.

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