List of Products & Services

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List of Products & Services

Themortgage industry changes every day. With increased regulation along with ebbs and flows in the market, it is critical to stay in front of the needs of our customer base.  [block id="878"]Sarma is dedicated to adding new products and services that meet this challenge. Contact our team to learn more about any of these key services or new features that arise. I stay up to date with the industry and how we meet these challenges, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of the page.

Credit Reports

1, 2 and 3 bureau merged credit reports with optional fraud prevention and OFAC add-ons as well as alternative credit reports

Credit Score Updates

Update your clients' credit file as well as their FICO score at all three bureaus in about 72 hours. When update is requested to just one or two bureaus, only those bureaus are re-pulled, allowing the credit score to remain the same on bureaus that were not updated. Also available: no-document rescores.

CreditXpert Essentials, What if Simulator, Credit Detective, Credit Radar

Use these predictive tools and learn how to improve your borrower's credit score. Or identify opportunities to improve credit scores by updating incorrect, missing and outdated information.

AVM Reports

The Automated Valuation Model report is a statistical product designed to simulate the traditional appraisal process and provide property valuations in 30 seconds. Great for home equity lending, collateral verification, quality control, etc.

Flood Certificates

Available on-line using the latest in computer technology.


25+ loan origination packages interface with our program including Calyx, ePass and much more

Quality Control

We have all the Quality Control products needed to keep you in compliance with Fannie Mae


Through the Social Security Administration, verify your borrower's name, social security number and date of birth.

Tax Return Verification

Verify, through the IRS, income information from consumer and business federal tax returns within 24 hours.

Fannie and Freddie Access

Reissue the original standard tri-merge credit report into DU/DO or LP – no need to repull credit which eliminates changes in the credit score or other surprises

FACTA Compliant

Reports include the "Notice to the Home Loan Applicant" and all information to keep you in compliance with FACTA requirements. Take advantage of our extended service and Sarma will mail a copy of this disclosure whenever a credit report is pulled.


Sarma's AppraisalComply is designed for the objectives of HVCC compliance and allows companies to continue with their established appraiser relationships

AccuTrust Ordering Platform

Our platform offers one secure place on the web to order, track and store many of the reports you need to close a loan including.

Mortgage Fraud Report (MFR)

The Mortgage Fraud Report (MFR) enables lenders to quickly identify discrepancies, track issues, reduce the risk of fraud and comply with their secondary market requirements. The MFR searches billions of public records and returns concise, real-time reports to streamline the verification process.