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Tips for Clearstar Users

Tips for Clearstar Users

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When creating profiles in Clearstar ALWAYS remember:

  • Fully fill in ALL applicant information (Full Name, SSN, DOB, Address, City, State, Zip Code)
  • After entering the social, use the Validate SSN button to ensure you have entered a valid number (this will confirm it is valid by state, the right amount of characters, and issued in the US)
  • IF entering address remember if it is a PO Box you must enter the number first (Your entry should mirror a standard live address, ie 1234 PO Box)
  • Choose services
  • Check accept box
  • Choose Create Draft when complete

While in draft you are ALLOWED edit applicant information and ADD services to profile.

  • To edit applicant information, you would go into the draft for that applicant and click on pencil in the top right-hand corner of Applicant Information across the top.
  • Once draft has been created you should see all GREEN circles for each service ordered.
  • If you see a RED circle, this means that there is more info needed to complete this order. You must click on the GREEN PLUS (+) sign, located on right side of screen to enter in additional information required to proceed. Once you save info, you will see a GREEN circle.

When you have entered all required information, and see all GREEN circles by each service ordered, and you may click Transmit request.

  • Once you transmit the request you NO LONGER have the option to edit any of the applicant information.
  • When a profile is in progress and is showing a flag, this indicates that it must be reviewed and completed.
  • When a profile is complete and is showing a flag, this indicates that there is something that came up and should be reviewed.
  • Once you submit a request it goes from Draft to in-progress. Once all orders have been completed the profile will now go into your Completed.

***If you transmit the request with errors, and realize that you have incorrect info, you MUST contact us as soon as possible to CANCEL any orders that have not been completed BEFORE you create a new profile with corrected information.***

***If there was an error on an order due to incorrect or insufficient information on an initial request, you will have to create a new profile for that portion of the order. There may be more than one profile for that applicant. Keep in mind, you may have to print out both profiles for a combined, completed report.***

Special Order Tips:

Puerto Rico Criminal Search Requirements: Name, DOB, complete address, mother’s maiden name, signed authorization, and PR driver’s license number (may substitute with passport number).

Canadian Provincial Search Requirements: Name, DOB, full Canadian address w/ province, and signed authorization.

International Criminal Searches: Name, DOB, mother’s maiden name, full address in that country or county in that country, and signed authorization form.

Note: There may be other requirements that will be requested at time of order, to avoid delays give us a call and ask about additional requirements for a specific province or country in advance.