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TransUnion Credit Services

TransUnionLogoKey TransUnion tools and services can get you the information you need to succeed. Sarma serves as the sole sales agent for TransUnion product and service lines the Texas regions south of Austin to the Texas/Mexico border. We have been the experts for over 100 years and can help you with any credit and credit related service needs.

Credit Reports

Credit Report Employment, Credit Report ID Report with Score, and Quick Check Report Assists in credit decisions by providing detailed loan and payment history information. Assists in employment decisions by providing loan, payment and employment history. Verifies contact information and evaluates applicants for delinquency and bankruptcy risk using name and Social Security number. Offers two-day turnaround on changes to disputed consumer credit information.

Credit Report Add-Ons

Helps reduce incidents of inaccurate or fraudulent data from becoming part of a consumer’s file by verifying applicant information before opening an account. Enables lenders to disclose to consumers the TransUnion or FICO score received when underwriting a loan secured by real property for a consumer purpose.

Fraud Credit Report Add-Ons

High Risk Fraud Alert Issues actionable warnings about information that appears genuine but in reality may be questionable by using one of the industry’s most complete national files of potentially fraudulent information. Assists in deterring fraud by searching for questionable consumer information that appears genuine.

Fraud and Identity Detection Tools

High Risk Fraud Search and Compliance Verification Compares application input data to a multi-sourced database, and provides an easy-to-understand summary of the pertinent results, which are quantified as numeric point assessments and displayed in a verification summary. This non-permissible purpose service helps meet compliance regulations such as the USA PATRIOT Act.

Contact Verification and Contact Verification Plus

Verifies name, address and phone number information from a comprehensive database of contact information in the Unites States and Puerto Rico that is updated daily with more than one million changes. Contact Verification Plus validates the type and status of customer-provided phone information for hard-toreach markets, such as students who may only have wireless phones or individuals with thin or non-existent credit files.

Fraud Models

Summarizes results from a multi-sourced database search, indicating applicants who are likely to have a high risk for fraud. Produces a unique score that enables companies to enhance verification efforts of new or prospective customers to help determine identity theft applicants.

Fraud Analytics

Fraud Analytical Reports Reviews customer data and produces a series of reports that examine the effectiveness of our fraud products on the customer’s portfolio by using innovative analytics.

Portfolio Management

Custom Management Triggers, Custom Portfolio Review, Express Portfolio Review (EPR). Monitors portfolios for specific, customer-defined changes in customer’s credit behavior on a daily basis, enabling companies to respond faster and reduce both risk and losses. Uses standard characteristics/attributes, streamlined batch processing, and a limited file size through TransUnion DeskTop to provide two updated risk scores and reason codes for better portfolio and change management.

Identity Manager VerificationSM

Helps financial institutions’ compliance efforts with federal regulations, including the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) and the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (HMDA). Provides specific information needed to report detailed geographical descriptions of portfolio and lending footprint.

Fraud Response Services

Credit Monitoring, Credit Bureau Notification and Dedicated Telephone Assistance Provides consumer with access to credit report and automatic notifications of critical credit report changes. Alerts all three credit reporting companies of suspected fraud to help protect consumers against identity theft; uses Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA) fraud alert exchange. Allows fraud victims to obtain assistance from professional counselors in reviewing credit files and handling suspected identity theft/fraud.

Risk Decision Systems

Instant Credit Risk Scree, Advanced Decisioning Express and Decisioning Instant Review Uses predetermined credit data to make on-the-spot automated decisions about granting credit to individuals, providing instant information about whether to approve, decline or review the terms of an offer. Provides credit decisions in real time using predetermined customer decision rules, Tri-Bureau characteristics and models.

Risk Models

TransUnion Account Management Model, TransUnion Bankruptcy Model, TransUnion Industry Risk Models*, TransUnion New Account Model, FICO Bankruptcy Risk Scores, FICO Industry Risk Scores**, FICO Risk Scores, and Multi-Model Cascade Helps manage accounts and predicts the likelihood of an existing account holder becoming 90 days or more delinquent in a 24-month period by using credit data and modeling technology.

Risk Analytics

Benchmarking, Credit Characteristics, Custom Modeling, Forecasting,Retrospective Analysis,Segmentation Analysis,Trend Analysis,Universe Expansion

Collection Credit Report

Modified credit report designed to support collections process by quickly locating debtors by focusing on recent credit activity and providing valuable information, including identifying demographics, tradeline activity with account status, public record activity, collection activity and special message activity. Provides predictive, summarized data from a credit file to improve decision-making for collection activities.

Collections Prioritization

Credit Characteristics, Deceased Indicator, ID Report, Inquiry Analysis, Phone Append, SSN Report, Collection Prioritization Engine Helps target collections’ efforts to those accounts most likely to repay by combining the best aspects of multiple searches into a comprehensive report to equip collectors with predictive characteristics and current contact information. Strategy Builder Enables customers to test, receive and implement actionable collections strategies without disrupting their current processes.

Location Services

ID Search Helps locate missing individuals and past-due accounts by returning multiple files and indicating the “best matched” consumer file. Enables companies to identify the location of debtors quickly and more effectively, reducing calls to disconnected or wrong numbers, returned notification mailings and wasted call center agent time.

Debt Management Models

Bankcard Recovery Model This model helps prioritize collection accounts while maximizing recovery and resource efficiency during collections activities.

Debt Managements Analytics

Portfolio Valuation, Treatment Strategy Optimization, Collection Custom Modeling, Collections Segmentation, Collections Retros Combines predictive analytics with proven development methods to analyze the likelihood of recovering money from a given portfolio, enabling companies to estimate the total amount recoverable to determine the pricing for a portfolio being sold or acquired. Analyzes portfolios and costs to determine the best way to collect on any given account.

Pre-Screens and Lists

Custom Prescreen, Instant Prescreen, Acquisition Triggers, Cross-Sell Triggers Identifies prospects for credit marketing campaigns that closely resemble key customers from both a risk and marketing perspective. Assists in identifying new account or cross-sell opportunities at point of purchase. Identifies instant marketing opportunities using changes in key credit information.

Marketing Models

Marketing Models, Credit Behavior Revenue, Home Value and Income Predictive Triggers. A full range of standard and custom models and scores to help increase response rates and target the right prospects. We have several types of models that all can be used off the shelf or modified to meet your specific needs.

Direct Marketing

Creative Development and Execution Response Management Gives clients access to the capabilities of a full-service agency to help create clear, concise messages that improve response rates and return on investment. Response Management can help financial institutions accept and approve credit card applications, allow customers to activate their credit card accounts, and process balance transfers and cash advances to incent customers to use their credit cards.

Market Analytics

Analytical Reports, Credit Characteristics, Custom Modeling, Predictive Triggers, Platform Response Analysis, Payment Dynamics Helps improve response/activation rates by using analytics, credit characteristics and previous marketing campaign data. Aggregates key credit data to provide information for evaluating the value of a portfolio, identifies different treatment strategies by account segment and reduces the time and cost involved in programming and auditing custom characteristics.