TransUnion Identity Alerts Solutions

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TransUnion Identity Alerts Solutions

A common theme occurring in the news recently has been the issue of identity theft and fraud. Numerous retailers have experienced security breaches putting their customers identity and finances at risk. This has placed a heightened sense of awareness in the mind of the consumer in regards to protecting themselves and more importantly their assets. In this age of internet hackers and identity thieves, it is important to stay on top of applications and products that will minimize the risk of such instances. TransUnion Identity Alerts Solutions is one of the services that aids in the prevention of consumer fraud. Spending habits are key identifiers in detecting when consumer fraud is occurring. Whether consumers realize it or not, most people own a pattern of spending habits that are identifiable. Specifically, TransUnion Identity Alerts Solutions provides unique insights that warn organizations of types of consumer fraud ranging from synthetic fraud, relational anomalies, application velocity, and other verification risks. Sarma serves as the sole sales agent for TransUnion products and service lines. Identity Alerts Solutions can be used in conjunction with other fraud solutions that detect suspicious behavior and patterns.


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